Thursday, October 1, 2009

Proud of my ability to work Tony Danza into the story

A couple of nights ago, I fell into bed, exhausted and worn out. I lay on my soft, soft bed, nestled between sheets and comforters and body pillows (oh my!) And then I looked up above me, revelling in the complete and utter satisfaction of the gloriousness that is my bed.

That's when I saw them.

A million little bugs. All over our walls and ceiling.

We had the window open that evening to get some of the fabulous fall fresh air into our room. Little did we know that those itty-bitty, yet HUGELY friggin' annoying bugs that seem to be infesting our suburbs right now were infiltrating our room.

(Thank you, Arwen the cat, for making little tiny holes in our screens with your claws).

So, I hustled out of bed yelling "EW!" as loudly as I could, in hopes that the hubster would come to the rescue. (It honestly was not much of an exaggeration when I said there were a million bugs. Really. T'was gross.)

Hubster was indisposed at the time (in the bathroom), and yelled "Get the Dustbuster!" at me.

"The Dustbuster??" I yelled back.

"Yes! The Dustbuster. Dust those little suckers."

Hubster knows about such things. He's my very own MacGyver/David Suzuki. So I don't question his somewhat strange suggestions.

So, I ran downstairs, grabbed the Dustbuster and came back into my bedroom. WITH AVENGENCE. Those stupid little bugs were not going to ruin my wonderful sleep by creeping into my open mouth (yes, I'm a mouth-breather) or getting into my hair. Oh no. They were going to die. And I was going to show them who's the boss. (Tony Danza reference! Nice.)

Anyway, I hopped up onto the bed and got into some weird kind of starfish stance with my legs apart and arms held together and above my head. (For some reason, I felt this would aid in my bug-killing).I switched on the Dustbuster... and I went to town.

Before I knew it, most of those dumb little suckers were gone. The bedroom was relatively bug-free again. I could sleep soundly.

And so.

The morale of the story? Well, dear Internet... I've discovered that when life gives you lemons...

You just gotta dustbust the crap out of them.


  1. those bugs are annoying! they're all over my windows and, whenever i open them up to let some fresh air in, the bugs fly in.. really annoying! i'll have to try the dustbuster :)

  2. Huh, a dustbuster. I never would have thought of that. Some clever thinking on your hubby's part.