Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy anniversary, Hun

Today marks 3 years of marriage between the hubster and I.

Andrew and I stood in front of all of our friends and family 3 years ago and made a public declaration of our love for each other.

Then - we drank, ate and partied the night away.

Since then, we've put a lot of work into our house, we've gone on some amazing vacations, we've dined out at fancy restaurants and spent a lot of time with our friends and family. In short, we've been living a fabulously wonderful married life.

3 years goes fast when you're having fun.

This morning, Andrew dropped me off at the train station before work. We gave a quick smooch and said we were looking forward to seeing each other tonight for dinner. We decided we wouldn't do gifts or cards, as that's not really our thing. We just want to do what we love - dine out at a nice restaurant on some delicious food and spend time together.

So, I sat on the train, grabbed my book from my purse and settled in for the commute, just like any other day.

Only this time, when I opened up my book to where I last left off reading, I found a blank envelope with the word "Hun" written on the front in Andrew's unmistakable writing.

I started smiling before I even opened the card.

We've lived 3 years of it, but those 3 words from Andrew, in his little chicken scratch writing on a simple, cute card... they just never cease to make me unbelievably happy.

I'm still smiling now.


  1. PS: I didn't follow our "rules" either. There's a gift waiting for him, hidden in my purse right now.

  2. you two are funny.. hope you have a great day today!!

  3. Seems like yesterday we were at your wedding - you did such a great job organizing it and everything was so nice. Brought a chill to my spine when I read where Andrew put that little note in your book - how sweet! Not just a cutie - romantic too.

  4. And those three words were, "What's for dinner?" :)

  5. Franny - how did you know?? :)