Friday, October 9, 2009

On the next episode of Cribs

I'm finally starting to feel awake and alert enough to write a blog for today. You know... after my morning-long haze, but before the post-pizza-lunch-sleepies kick in. Better take advantage.

So last night hubster and I went with my Mom and his Mom to go check out baby furniture. I have to say - it was a bit overwhelming at first.

I think that's because we went to Sears - Land of Disorganization. Have you been there? It kind of took the fun out of the shopping experience for me. Things were jumbled up everywhere. There were only a few cribs on display. The one glider/rocking chair they had was filthy. Not exactly exciting for our first shopping expedition.

But then! Then we went to Babies R Us. That place KNOWS how to market to new Moms (and grandmas) let me tell you.

Everything was in order and in just the right place. All the cribs were gleaming and decorated beautifully with blankets and bumpers in soft greens and yellows and pinks and blues. The gliders were plush and soft and seemed to envelop you as soon as you sat in them.

It was baby shopping heaven.

So, Andrew took control (I couldn't decide, there were too many pretty things to look at!!) and picked out our crib and change table. He was all set to get our baby some furniture. We were there. And we were NOT going to leave empty handed.

Editor's Note: I've been writing this blog all day and I waited too long to finish my thoughts. I've now hit the post-pizza-lunch-sleepies. So this post is ending in a less-than-well-written-way. My apologies! Enjoy your long weekend, Canucks!


  1. nice! glad it was a good experience finally hez! i bet mom and kathy were in their elements :)

  2. Baby shopping is a lot of fun. Enjoy!!

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