Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cute, little baby items



I need to get stuff done, guys. Like - actually get stuff done.

I don't know if it's the whole nesting phenomenon taking place, or the realization that November-December is going to be very busy with holidays and family and so on and so forth... but I'm now 5 months along and we totally have to start planning and getting stuff done. Wee baby deserves it.

Thankfully, hubster picked up on my not-so-subtle freak out last Friday and went into super-hubby mode this weekend. Which is why we got a LOT of stuff done.

Things we did this weekend:

  • Primed and repainted the nursery after deciding we didn't like the colour of paint we originally chose (and painted the walls with.) (PS: Thank you for helping in laws!!)

  • Bought, painted, cut and installed all new base boards and trim around the window and doors in the nursery

  • Assembled the change table (We have a cute change table! For baby things! Cute, little baby items! Hurrah!)

  • PS: When I say "we", I have to give credit mostly to Andrew. He was a working machine this weekend! It was awesome. And? He looked really sexy in his rugged work clothes. Mmmm...
Things we still need to do:

  • Find and purchase a rocking chair/glider, throw rug and blinds for the nursery

  • Put together the crib

  • Have a mural painted on the nursery wall

  • Pre-register at the hospital where we'll be having the baby (Apparently you have to do this like, NOW! I thought I could do it in January or something. Not so.)

  • Register at Babies R Us (now that the shower has been moved up to November - have to get on this. Which? Am very excited about. Yay baby stuff!! Cute, little baby items!!)
I'm sure there's more stuff. But this is my "DO NOW" list. Hence, the mini-freak out/breakdown last week. What can I say? I'm a planner.

I may be slightly neurotic... but at least I'm cute.

And so is the hubster.


  1. You're both cute!

    Such a shame about hubster's weak chin though.