Friday, October 23, 2009

It's fall. And Friday. Double woo.

Andrew's parents called him to congratulate him on being "so smooth" after reading my last blog. I guess they didn't see the part where I got him a gift, too. The sun only shines out of his arse, I see!! I wonder if this is how I'll be with my kids?

Anyway, moving on!

Today's a crap-tastic day. Rainy and windy and chilly... oh my! However, I walked to the train station this morning and couldn't help but feel really content. I was, after all, walking through a pretty pathway covered with fall leaves.

Even with a bit of rain, how can you NOT appreciate the reds and yellows and golds swishing around your feet and decorating the air around you? How, I ask you!?

So... yeah. That's about it with me. Excited it's Friday. Ready for the weekend to start. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning.

I lead an exciting life, y'all.

Wish I had more to blather on about. Hope this holds you over on the "All Things Hezzie" front until Monday.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Hey Momma, want to book another sushi date soon? Would be loverly to see you.

  2. What did you get your lovely husband? Isn't it fun to break the rules. Hope it was a lovely anniversary dinner.