Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Season 2009

Life can be odd and interesting and sad and glorious, all at once.

That's what this holiday season has taught me.

Now that my schedule is thrown off due to lack of work, I've been up much later at night. Which means I can feel the baby move about a whole heck of a lot. (She's a nocturnal baby. Lucky us!)

I've taken to walking around the house with my shirt half way up so I can stop and watch her move at a moment's notice.

New life. It just doesn't get any less amazing to me no matter how far along this pregnancy gets. I'm still baffled by how incredible all of this is.

At the same time, the holiday season has been sad. Andrew's Dad's diagnosis of cancer has become more scary. More real. And when you put a timeline on life, it gets incredibly difficult to make sense of what's happening in your world.

So while I'm marveling at the amazing-ness of our new baby and becoming a new Mom, Andrew's grappling with the devastation of the mortality of his Dad - yet still trying to love and appreciate his own status of new Dad.


It can throw such curves at us all.

With all of this happening during a busy holiday season, I've also learned that there's really no replacement for family when you're experiencing these huge life changes and obstacles. You absolutely need family to help you through it. To lean on. To look into your eyes and smile broadly as they touch your stomach and feel movement. To cry on. To hug. To laugh with. To open presents with. To have little moments of joy with, amongst bigger moments of sadness.

Family is what makes all of it worth it.

Family makes me able to feel elated at the idea of my little girl coming into the world and meeting everyone who loves her so much already.

And I can only assume that his family makes Andrew's Dad able to get up every day despite the heavy weight on his shoulders and still enjoy every moment of time around him.

So, while I'm ready for 2010 and all the wonders it's going to bring - I appreciate 2009. The tough times, the amazing times, the happiness and the sadness. All of it has taught me that family is home. Family is joy. Family is life.

And it's a wonderful life.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New blogs to come

I'm still here!

I've just been on hiatus.

Haven't been at work for a week now... and it's been loverly to have a little time off.

Much to report. But I need to be more eloquent whilst writing. And right now is faaaaaaaaar too early for me to be eloquent. (7:11am on a day off = too early.)

Must have caffeine. Will write soon.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (soon)!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hez and the noxious fumes

I'm still feeling sickly - but MUCH, MUCH better today than over the weekend, thank goodness. All weekend long I was exhausted. Ugh.

Last night I finally slept well and now I'm feeling much happier and joyous and Christmas-y and all that. (I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I only have two days left of work before I'm off for the holidays. Woo! Bring on Christmas - I'm-a ready!!)

So, here's a quick, little update on things that are new with me:

- Went to the family Christmas parties over the weekend. Both were nice. Lots of food. Mmmm... food. Lots of family to see. Was fun.

- I'm 31 weeks and a few days pregnant now. And my due date is officially only 2 months away. (As of yesterday). Crazy.

- I'm going to see my midwife again tomorrow for my regular check-up.

- Umm... yeah. I think that's it. Oh! Wait... Here's a fun little story for you:

I fell asleep around 9:30pm on Friday night and slept until 8:30 or 9am Saturday morning. With our old humidifier on. (This is key to the story development). Andrew had to get up really early and head into work for a few hours Saturday morning, so he was getting home from work right around the time I was waking up. Here's how the scene went down:

Hez: Yawn! (Stretching) Hmmm... even though I have a stuffed up nose and can't really smell, something seems a little off. *Sniff... sniff*. (Looking at the humidifier). Oh, wow! Our humidifier is still running?? (Looking closer at humidifier). That looks more like smoke coming out of it than steam...

Andrew: (Calling from downstairs at the front door)... I'm home! (Pause)....... It smells funky in here.

Hez: I think it's the humidifier!

Andrew: (Hustles upstairs, takes a look at the humidifier and quickly picks it up and takes it out back).

So, yeah. The humidifier was slowly melting itself. The plastic was burning and the noxious fumes were being inhaled by me as I was slumbering. Ah... such a lovely thing to wake up to.

Then, of course, I was certain that I had harmed the baby and became obsessed with her lack of movement. I lay still, prodding and poking my tummy... waiting for her to move. But - I got nuthin. Nothing all morning long.

Which made me even more neurotic than I normally am.

However, I had plans to go to the movies with Andrew, my brother and our friend Jay. So, off I went... still worried about baby, but trying not to let it overshadow the fact that I was going to see a very loud, very action-y movie that I was looking forward to.

And when the movie started in all its loud, action-y glory? Baby started kicking and moving like crazy. (I think she liked the movie. She's a movie buff like her Mama. I can tell.)

Anyway. She hasn't really stopped moving since. Thank goodness I didn't ruin her.

***Side note: I'm kidding. I'm not that crazy. Please don't tell me how neurotic I am and that everything will be fine with me and my baby and I don't need to worry and I just need to relax. I'm just joking around... It's what I do. :)

Happy "Only 3 More Days Until Christmas Eve", everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cold... part 2

Okay, so on November 6th, I documented my first case of pregnancy cold. Luckily, it only lasted about 3 days and never really achieved any significant status other than runny/stuffed up nose and headache.

This week, I've been dealing with the exact same symptoms as last time:
  • Sore throat earlier in the week that has since gone away
  • Stuffed up/runny nose
  • Headache

(The days of the week even correspond exactly with the progression of the cold. Last time - felt tired and had a sore throat early in the week, and Friday was the worst day. This time - had a sore throat Tuesday and Wednesday, and now Friday is the worst day, again. Eerie!)

So here's hoping that, like last time, it doesn't really progress much... and I'll wake up feeling better and better as each day passes. Fingers crossed!

Anywho... I wanted to document how many times pregnancy makes me sick this winter. So - the "feeling like poo" count continues. Wish me luck that this is short-lived (again).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

No sleep + hormones =

I only got 3 and a half hours of sleep last night. (Insomnia). Then, my cleaning lady called to cancel today's appointment and to tell me that she's not coming in the new year at all, either. In fact, she's never coming again.

My life is so horrible and crappy and these things keep happening to me and why me, why me, WHY?

Oh, wait.

That's not true at all.

Therefore, I give you, in no particular order...

Hez's List of Things She's Grateful for Right This Very Minute:
  • A medium-sized, delicious latte from the fancy-schmancy coffee place, Le Gourmand.
  • My friend Kim's son and his Christmas Concert video. Warmed my heart watching it.
  • My friend Kim and her husband Char and their two amazingly cute kids, Liam and Nate. (They're such good friends to Andrew and I).
  • Andrew. Of course. Goes without saying. (He's top of my list, always. Awww... schmoopie).
  • My parents. Wonderful, amazing parents.
  • My big brother, Chris.
  • My in-laws.
  • Christmas cookies. (Wait - I need to be more specific. See next point).
  • Mom's raisin cookies.
  • The wee one in my tummy.
  • My house. (It's better described as a home.)
  • My cat, Arwen.
  • My parents' dog, Duffy.
  • Boney M Christmas carols.
  • The fact that people are still telling me I look nice. In my 7th month of pregnancy!
  • My 7th month of pregnancy.
  • My newly shaped eyebrows. (Thanks, Debbie at Concepts Salon and Day Spa!)
  • Christmas with my family.

I suppose the list could go on and on. I'm feeling quite sappy today. I guess that's what lack of sleep and pregnancy hormones will do to you?

Happy holidays, everyone!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Got tissues?

If you can read this and not smile, shed a tear or feel your heart melt, I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Holiday dreams take flight
Plane takes off from Pearson to give kids glimpse of Santa


You could hear the squeals of joy all the way to the North Pole as Skyservice Flight 900 took off from Pearson International Airport on a special mission — to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus before the big night.

“Santa, Santa, Santa,” cheered 85 children and their families as the Boeing 757 made its way above the clouds to the fabled home and workshop of the jolly old elf, via northern New York, yesterday. It only took an hour thanks to the sonic rocket boosters on the aircraft.

And just as passengers big and small were getting into the groove, the captain announced the sighting of a strange craft pulled by what appeared to be reindeer. Then there was a thud and the sound of footsteps on the roof of the fuselage.

As if by magic, the white-bearded, barrel-bellied Claus himself appeared in the aircraft, ho ho ho-ing down the aisle as children shouted with glee.

“It was the real Santa,” said an ecstatic Stephanie Clayton, 7. “I know because I’ve seen him before and he only wears his magic glasses when he steers on the sled.”

Stephanie, her sisters Sydney, 10, and Danielle, 6, along with mom Denise were among the special guests on the annual Santa flight to the North Pole organized by the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada. Each year, it makes dreams come true for thousands of kids who are chronically, critically and seriously ill. Some may not see next Christmas.

“The adventure helps children forget their illness,” said Leisa Washington, Starlight’s great escapes co-ordinator. “The flight gives parents a chance to have fun with all their children.”

The fantasy flight was sponsored by Thomas Cook Travel Canada and Skyservice.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An open letter to my daughter

Dear baby,

2 more months and you’ll be making your arrival. Hopefully. (Please don’t be late, baby. You know how I feel about being punctual!)

In just 2 short months we’ll get to meet, face-to-face. Finally. You’ll get to match the voice you’ve been hearing to my face. I’ll get to see who’s been shifting and moving all over my tummy every day. I’ll get to see you, rather than just hear your heartbeat and wonder at what you look like.

We’ll get to gaze at each other for hours. We’ll get to smile at each other. I’ll get to hold you and cuddle you and kiss your face. You’ll get to keep me up at nights. (And that will be completely okay.)

When you’re sad, I’ll hold you. And try to make you feel better. When you’re tired, I’ll nap with you. (So will your Daddy. We like our naps.) When you’re hungry, we’ll feed you. And, when you get bigger, we’ll play together. And laugh. And be silly. I can’t wait to be silly with you.

I’ll watch your little personality come out more and more every day. You’ll see what Mama’s all about. You’ll have a Daddy who adores you to bits and pieces.

It’s going to be amazing.

We’re looking forward to meeting you, baby. You’re going to make us so happy. And we’re going to try to make you feel loved and supported and cared for, every single minute.

That’s what Moms and Dads do for their little Mini-Me.

And that’s what we’ll do for you.

I promise.



Ah, Tuesdays. How I loathe them.

(Maybe loathe is too strong a word. I don't enjoy them, that's for sure.)

Tuesday is such a nothing day. You know?

I mean, at least on Monday, you've resigned yourself to the fact that you're at the very beginning of another long work week. By Wednesday, you're halfway there - so you've at least got "hump day" to celebrate. Thursday is fun because you're anticipating the fast-approaching weekend. And by Friday - you're home free.

So what about Tuesday? Tuesday is nothing. It's not the very beginning of the week. It's not half-way. It's just... a day.

Can you tell I'm slightly hum-bug today? I would go into the reasons, but I don't want to bore you. Or kill your soul.

Instead, I think I'll turn on some Christmas tunes at work and treat myself to a little hot chocolate later on. In a Christmas cup.

Chocolate and Christmas. Never fails to cure what ails me.
Mmmm... chocolate..........

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's 3:54am

And I've been awake since 2.

I love not being able to sleep the night before I have to get
up for work at 6am.


In lieu of sleep... here's a couple of picture of my goofy husband from a few weeks ago while decorating the tree.

Yes, he's wearing an apron. Decorating is serious work. It requires full frontal coverage.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

29 week update!

I went to see my midwife yesterday. I'm now seeing them every two weeks. Yay! Makes things seem more real. And I feel so much further along.

Some new stats:

How far along: 29 weeks and 5 days (as of today). Does that seem crazy?? It's going fast, for sure.

Weight gain: (From 2 weeks ago)... Half a lb. Which takes me up to 26.5lbs. total.

Belly size: 30cms. Very rotund. And I'm loving it.

Baby location: She's got her head pointing downwards. She knows that's what she has to do to make a proper appearance in 10 and a half more weeks. She's so smart. Actually, she's very advanced, you know.

Other news: I'm getting more and more tired lately. Like - at 9pm my body thinks it's 2 in the morning or something. That's how tired I feel. Also - my lower back is starting to hurt more during the sleeping hours. Ugh. Snoogle - don't fail me now!

Also, I can't jog anymore. I'm too winded... so I'm down to walking and some yoga. (Mind you - I've been letting that go by the wayside lately. But I'm blaming that on the busyness of the holiday season).

Oh, and I've been feeling wee baby move a whole heck of a lot lately. And I can feel really hard parts in my tummy. Like - her bum, for example. It's so bizarre to me to think that I can actually physically feel her body parts IN MY STOMACH.

I don't know when this is going to start feeling real to me... but so far - everything is still kind of bizarro-world. There's a baby in my stomach. Like - a real, live baby. Huh. So weird.

Anyway - that's what's new with me. Baby and I are just trucking along.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Update... come tomorrow, folks. Sorry. Have been swamped at work.

BUT - stay tuned! I'll have more baby talk for you after visiting my midwife today.

Man, I loves me some baby talk.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I did it. I broke up with her.

The cleaning lady and I have parted ways.

That's right. I got off my wussy arse and told her that come February, hubster and I would no longer be able to afford to have her clean our mess for us.

Her response? "Not a problem at all!!!" (With a big smile on her face.)

I think it's safe to say that she doesn't enjoy cleaning our home.

Evidence making it crystal-clear that said cleaning lady no longer wants us as clients:
  • Almost every, single time she's scheduled to come, she calls the morning of... either to switch to another day or week, or to cancel all together
  • She often gives us a long sob story about how sick she is, how tired she is, how she has to take care of her granddaughter (who's ten, by the way - and usually off at school like other normal ten year olds) so she can't make it ALL THE WAY to our house to clean
  • (We don't live that far from her)
  • She does a half-assed job most times. (I'm not being snotty... I can honestly see a dust line under our dining room cabinet - RIGHT after she's visited)
  • She was positively JOYOUS (just short of dancing a jig, I'd say) when I told her we can't afford to have her clean anymore
  • She followed that up by getting slightly grumpy when I asked her if she could come one more time in January

So, yeah. I have a feeling there will be no love lost when cleaning lady and I part ways for good in January. It was nice while she was around... but now I've got to do my own half-assed job.

I think I'll tackle that dust line first.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I think it's safe to say I'm pregnant

Here I am in all my 29-week glory.

It's a dark pic, and I'm standing far away, but if you were able to zoom in, you could see my tired eyes, pale skin, my double chin and my giant, giant belly. Also - did you notice that I'm wearing some lovely sweats? Yes. I think it's rather safe to say I'm in my third trimester. (Where have you gone, 2nd trimester glow??)

Anywho. On to other things.

Like - how cute is my cat? How great is my Christmas tree? How lovely does my home look? Not to brag - but Hez knows how to do Christmas. That tree is REAL, baby. And smells and looks amazing, if I do say so myself.

That is all. Happy holidays, peeps.

(PS: Special shout-out to my mother-in-law who just learned what "peeps" means!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby says...

... leave me alone, dammit!

I've been poking and prodding her today because, suddenly - I feel something in there. Like something hard.

Bone, perhaps? A little foot or elbow maybe?

Either way - it's kind of fascinating me... and I can't help but push my tummy around to try and figure out what exactly I'm feeling.

Baby has responded in kind by kicking me and by making my tum-tum hurt where I was pushing her.

Seems that baby already has NO problem whatsoever telling people to leave her alone when she doesn't feel like being bugged. She's got a strong opinion - and she's going to share it.

Just like her Mama.

(I'm so proud).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas. Woo!

The constant playing of Christmas music has begun.

I indulged in the ever-delicious Festive Special at Swiss Chalet last night.

My shopping is well underway.

Hubster and I are putting the tree up and decorating our house this weekend.

And we've already watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation once.

Let the holiday season begin, folks.

PS: Since this is technically NOT baby's first Christmas - hubster and I are not hanging a stocking for her, not buying "Baby's first Christmas" paraphernalia and are not purchasing gifts for our unborn child. (That's just bad luck... gives me the willies thinking about it.) However, we did purchase a stocking hanger for her so that it matches her Mom and Dad's next year. Cute.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I've found a cure for hormones!

Yesterday, I went out on my lunch hour and bought a few Christmas gifts for Andrew, along with a couple of Christmas CDs and a tall, non-fat, extra-hot, light foam latte from Starbucks (in a Christmas cup).

So I spent the afternoon feeling all happy and Christmas-y and great.

That was easy.

And tonight - I have the annual family tradition of dining out at Swiss Chalet for the Festive Special to kick off the "official" Christmas season. Because nothing says holidays like chicken and gelatinous cranberry mold.

(I actually really do love the Festive Special thing. You can't mess with a classic tradition.)

So, I'm feeling better. And I'm extremely excited about only having 3 more weeks (and 1 day) of work left before a nice week-and-a-half break.

Life is good.