Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I did it. I broke up with her.

The cleaning lady and I have parted ways.

That's right. I got off my wussy arse and told her that come February, hubster and I would no longer be able to afford to have her clean our mess for us.

Her response? "Not a problem at all!!!" (With a big smile on her face.)

I think it's safe to say that she doesn't enjoy cleaning our home.

Evidence making it crystal-clear that said cleaning lady no longer wants us as clients:
  • Almost every, single time she's scheduled to come, she calls the morning of... either to switch to another day or week, or to cancel all together
  • She often gives us a long sob story about how sick she is, how tired she is, how she has to take care of her granddaughter (who's ten, by the way - and usually off at school like other normal ten year olds) so she can't make it ALL THE WAY to our house to clean
  • (We don't live that far from her)
  • She does a half-assed job most times. (I'm not being snotty... I can honestly see a dust line under our dining room cabinet - RIGHT after she's visited)
  • She was positively JOYOUS (just short of dancing a jig, I'd say) when I told her we can't afford to have her clean anymore
  • She followed that up by getting slightly grumpy when I asked her if she could come one more time in January

So, yeah. I have a feeling there will be no love lost when cleaning lady and I part ways for good in January. It was nice while she was around... but now I've got to do my own half-assed job.

I think I'll tackle that dust line first.


  1. i feel for you! that must be tough having to part with your cleaning lady.. how did the butler take it? :)

  2. I think she is ready to retire. She cancelled us so many times, we could nearly time the 7:30 call about having one thing or another. Happy doing it yourself.

  3. Good for you making a clean break. Though, I am kind of wondering why you stuck with her for so long.

  4. Butters - HAR DEE HAR HAR! :)

    Dawn - it took me so long because I'm a wuss!! I was looking for my previous blog posts to link to for an explanation of why it's taken me so long to build up the nerve to give her the boot... but then I realized that takes work and I'm too lazy. This cleaning my own house thing is going to go well for me, isn't it?