Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby says...

... leave me alone, dammit!

I've been poking and prodding her today because, suddenly - I feel something in there. Like something hard.

Bone, perhaps? A little foot or elbow maybe?

Either way - it's kind of fascinating me... and I can't help but push my tummy around to try and figure out what exactly I'm feeling.

Baby has responded in kind by kicking me and by making my tum-tum hurt where I was pushing her.

Seems that baby already has NO problem whatsoever telling people to leave her alone when she doesn't feel like being bugged. She's got a strong opinion - and she's going to share it.

Just like her Mama.

(I'm so proud).


  1. Awe, so cute. I remember the kid kicking me in the ribs. Such a strange feeling having them jabbed on the inside.

  2. Such fun when you really feel little parts like feet, heels or elbows. I love that she kicks back, she is responsive.