Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas. Woo!

The constant playing of Christmas music has begun.

I indulged in the ever-delicious Festive Special at Swiss Chalet last night.

My shopping is well underway.

Hubster and I are putting the tree up and decorating our house this weekend.

And we've already watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation once.

Let the holiday season begin, folks.

PS: Since this is technically NOT baby's first Christmas - hubster and I are not hanging a stocking for her, not buying "Baby's first Christmas" paraphernalia and are not purchasing gifts for our unborn child. (That's just bad luck... gives me the willies thinking about it.) However, we did purchase a stocking hanger for her so that it matches her Mom and Dad's next year. Cute.


  1. gotta love the festive special! :)

  2. We're putting our tree up this weekend too. The kid has been counting down to tree day all week.