Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I've found a cure for hormones!

Yesterday, I went out on my lunch hour and bought a few Christmas gifts for Andrew, along with a couple of Christmas CDs and a tall, non-fat, extra-hot, light foam latte from Starbucks (in a Christmas cup).

So I spent the afternoon feeling all happy and Christmas-y and great.

That was easy.

And tonight - I have the annual family tradition of dining out at Swiss Chalet for the Festive Special to kick off the "official" Christmas season. Because nothing says holidays like chicken and gelatinous cranberry mold.

(I actually really do love the Festive Special thing. You can't mess with a classic tradition.)

So, I'm feeling better. And I'm extremely excited about only having 3 more weeks (and 1 day) of work left before a nice week-and-a-half break.

Life is good.


  1. I hope you enjoyed your Festive Special, it is a great tradition.

  2. Ahh the Festive Special - and now the Christmas season can officially begin! Always fun to spend time with you!