Thursday, December 10, 2009

29 week update!

I went to see my midwife yesterday. I'm now seeing them every two weeks. Yay! Makes things seem more real. And I feel so much further along.

Some new stats:

How far along: 29 weeks and 5 days (as of today). Does that seem crazy?? It's going fast, for sure.

Weight gain: (From 2 weeks ago)... Half a lb. Which takes me up to 26.5lbs. total.

Belly size: 30cms. Very rotund. And I'm loving it.

Baby location: She's got her head pointing downwards. She knows that's what she has to do to make a proper appearance in 10 and a half more weeks. She's so smart. Actually, she's very advanced, you know.

Other news: I'm getting more and more tired lately. Like - at 9pm my body thinks it's 2 in the morning or something. That's how tired I feel. Also - my lower back is starting to hurt more during the sleeping hours. Ugh. Snoogle - don't fail me now!

Also, I can't jog anymore. I'm too winded... so I'm down to walking and some yoga. (Mind you - I've been letting that go by the wayside lately. But I'm blaming that on the busyness of the holiday season).

Oh, and I've been feeling wee baby move a whole heck of a lot lately. And I can feel really hard parts in my tummy. Like - her bum, for example. It's so bizarre to me to think that I can actually physically feel her body parts IN MY STOMACH.

I don't know when this is going to start feeling real to me... but so far - everything is still kind of bizarro-world. There's a baby in my stomach. Like - a real, live baby. Huh. So weird.

Anyway - that's what's new with me. Baby and I are just trucking along.


  1. yay! great to hear hez! sounds like everything is going great (well, except for being tired! haha!)


  2. It never really feels real Heather. Because then after you deliver her you are going to look at her and go "wow I made that!".

  3. Glad you and baby are doing so well. I remember right after the kid was born, looking at him, this perfect little baby , and thinking how strange that that was exactly as he'd been inside stomach. This complete little person. So surreal.