Monday, December 21, 2009

Hez and the noxious fumes

I'm still feeling sickly - but MUCH, MUCH better today than over the weekend, thank goodness. All weekend long I was exhausted. Ugh.

Last night I finally slept well and now I'm feeling much happier and joyous and Christmas-y and all that. (I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I only have two days left of work before I'm off for the holidays. Woo! Bring on Christmas - I'm-a ready!!)

So, here's a quick, little update on things that are new with me:

- Went to the family Christmas parties over the weekend. Both were nice. Lots of food. Mmmm... food. Lots of family to see. Was fun.

- I'm 31 weeks and a few days pregnant now. And my due date is officially only 2 months away. (As of yesterday). Crazy.

- I'm going to see my midwife again tomorrow for my regular check-up.

- Umm... yeah. I think that's it. Oh! Wait... Here's a fun little story for you:

I fell asleep around 9:30pm on Friday night and slept until 8:30 or 9am Saturday morning. With our old humidifier on. (This is key to the story development). Andrew had to get up really early and head into work for a few hours Saturday morning, so he was getting home from work right around the time I was waking up. Here's how the scene went down:

Hez: Yawn! (Stretching) Hmmm... even though I have a stuffed up nose and can't really smell, something seems a little off. *Sniff... sniff*. (Looking at the humidifier). Oh, wow! Our humidifier is still running?? (Looking closer at humidifier). That looks more like smoke coming out of it than steam...

Andrew: (Calling from downstairs at the front door)... I'm home! (Pause)....... It smells funky in here.

Hez: I think it's the humidifier!

Andrew: (Hustles upstairs, takes a look at the humidifier and quickly picks it up and takes it out back).

So, yeah. The humidifier was slowly melting itself. The plastic was burning and the noxious fumes were being inhaled by me as I was slumbering. Ah... such a lovely thing to wake up to.

Then, of course, I was certain that I had harmed the baby and became obsessed with her lack of movement. I lay still, prodding and poking my tummy... waiting for her to move. But - I got nuthin. Nothing all morning long.

Which made me even more neurotic than I normally am.

However, I had plans to go to the movies with Andrew, my brother and our friend Jay. So, off I went... still worried about baby, but trying not to let it overshadow the fact that I was going to see a very loud, very action-y movie that I was looking forward to.

And when the movie started in all its loud, action-y glory? Baby started kicking and moving like crazy. (I think she liked the movie. She's a movie buff like her Mama. I can tell.)

Anyway. She hasn't really stopped moving since. Thank goodness I didn't ruin her.

***Side note: I'm kidding. I'm not that crazy. Please don't tell me how neurotic I am and that everything will be fine with me and my baby and I don't need to worry and I just need to relax. I'm just joking around... It's what I do. :)

Happy "Only 3 More Days Until Christmas Eve", everyone!


  1. There's nothing like kids to take a woman from slightly neurotic to out-and-out crazy. Wait until baby starts school.

  2. update your blog.. this one's way old.. haha! :P