Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The second kid

So. Here I am.

26 weeks pregnant with baby #2, and I haven't had a chance to blog/document anything AT ALL about this pregnancy.

Second child syndrome begins in utero, apparently.

I'm sorry, baby #2! I mean it. Bad, Mama. I give you full permission to call me a bitch one time (and ONLY one time) when you are old enough to understand what that word means.

When I was pregnant with Anna, I had a full time desk job that allowed me to enjoy little moments of downtime and do with them what I pleased. So I would blog. And blog and blog and blog and blog. All about being pregnant with Anna. And how wonderful it was. And how great I felt. And how much rest I was getting.

Life is very different now. I'm constantly (and I can't stress the word CONSTANTLY enough) on the go with my little Hurricane Anna. I'm working from home and sometimes working downtown. I'm not sleeping through the night. I'm not sleeping in. I'm not napping. (Do you see a trend here?)

So, yeah. Life is different. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm a wee bit tired and extremely busy this pregnancy. I do what I can, and blogging takes a back seat. Boo-urns. That's life though, eh?

I also consider myself extremely lucky. To have Anna. To know what life is like with the little buttertart. To get to spend lots and lots of time with her and watch her learn things and make me laugh and be silly and hear her voice and feel her soft, soft skin.

And the best part? I get to do it all over again.

Baby #2 - though I may not have the time to write it down, I can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to hold you. I can't wait to see your little face and feel your little hands and learn all about you. I can't wait to snuggle with you and watch you grow. I can't wait to put you in cute little newborn sleepers and wrap you up in my stretchy wrap and feel you close at all times. I can't wait for you to meet your Daddy and your big sister. I can't wait to name you. And I can't wait for you to become a part of our family.

It's true... I may not have the same amount of time I did when I was pregnant with Anna. But I certainly have all the same emotions.

I certainly have the same amount of love.

Friday, September 2, 2011


*Creeping back into the blogging world...*

Hello everyone! (Okay, I know I'm just talking to myself here. Nobody is still checking SINCE APRIL to see if I'm updating my blog).

But that's okay.

I've realized something today. I've realized I need to keep writing for myself.

I love my other Mommy blog... but I find that I don't always tend to just spew whatever comes to mind into that blog. I try to keep it Mom/baby focused so that my readers will find some sort of point and purpose to it.

Which? Is fine. But I miss my outlet. And - oh mah goodness - I'm in need of it today, folks.

Let me tell you why.

I've been sitting in a VERY quiet office since 9:30 this morning. I'm freelancing in-house at an agency today. It's Friday before the long weekend, so I'm not overly busy. (Read: I'm kind of bored.)

Everyone around me has checked out or is in their own little "I'm-at-work-don't-talk-to-me-so-I-can-get-out-of-here-at-5:01-today" zone. Except? For the one dude sitting across from me in the open concept offices.

Let me tell you about dude.

When dude drinks? It's VERY audible. He gulps like he's a giant python swallowing a mouse. Annoying. That's all I can say.

Dude's nose is also whistling.

Dude is also beat-boxing (or beep-boxing or whatever it is) with his mouth in an incredibly irritating way.

Oh - and he's also talking to himself in short little bits, like "Well, how do I-?" and "Let's see, I think I have to-"

And clicking his tongue.

And playing the drums on his desk.

So I'm bored. Pregnant. Hot. A tad irritated. And listening to this obliviously loud guy eat, drink, breathe through his nose, and talk to himself.

How did I manage to work in an office so long??

Okay - dude is now opening a TALL BOY can of beer while the work day ends. Must. Leave. Now.

Not sure if I can withstand a whole tall boy of gulps.

Anywho. I'm off for the long weekend. Time to get home to my buttertart who can make all the little noises she wants.

They're always cute noises.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not sure where to go from here

So, I said I would keep this blog going...

I said I would have time to keep writing about "me" outside of the Not the Only Mama side to my life...

I said I would regularly update all my fans on all-things Hezzie (I know you're out there, fans... I see you)...

But the truth is - I'm not sure what's going to happen. I haven't had time in ages. And the reasons are:
  • I feel like raising Anna is a full-time job - even now that she's older and not all teeny-weeny anymore. So, it doesn't leave me lots of spare time.
  • Anna's gone down to one nap a day - which makes it easier for her to go to bed at night, but gives me much less time to do anything kid-free during the day.
  • When Anna *does* nap, I need to either do my freelance work, try to get a workout in, shower, do laundry, or get stuff ready for whatever we're doing that day.
  • That means that blog writing is left to last.
So, here I am. Writing once a month... maybe. Blah! I used to be so good at this.

Anywho. You do what you can, right? At least I got the chance to blog during my pregnancy and Anna's first year of life. Something that I'll have in writing to remember forever.

I'm not saying this blog is completely done. I just can't... I'm so not ready to pull the plug on this one. It's been my favourite outlet for the past several years. But I understand if my readers stop checking in on the off chance I've written something.

On another note - keep your fingers crossed for me, please! I have a few things in the works that I'm hoping (BIG TIME hoping) work out for me.

Hey - maybe I'll have something to write about soon. You never know.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Melting right now

I was going to write something today. But then I realized that there was no possible way that I could do better than this.

Holy crap. Just *try* to be in a bad mood after this.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi there. Remember me?

Wow, it's hard for me to stay up to date with this blog. I'm writing for work... writing for my Mommy blog... watching American Idol.

You know, important stuff.

Anyway, what's new with you guys? Here's a random list of things that are new with me:
  • My lovely, gorgeous daughter spilled an entire glass of water onto my brand, new MacBook.
  • The Apple dude at the Mac Store gave me the "We never do this for customers... but we'll do it for you..." spiel when he told me that they were going to repair it for free. (I appreciate it. Big time. I really do. But I found him a bit... salesy... odd.)
  • I had a few hours to myself this afternoon and I honestly didn't really know what to do with myself. (It's been a long time, peeps.)
  • I should have gone to see Justin Bieber's movie, because - yes - I actually want to see it. I'm admitting it here and now. (I have some bizarrely strange like-affair with the Beebs).
  • I also sort of want to see the Celine Dion special on TV Saturday night. Sad? Yes... Yes, I know.
  • I'm training for a half marathon again. And my leg is sorta giving me trouble. Damn hammy.
Gosh. That seems to be all that's new with me. What has happened to me? Why am I so interesting and glamorous?

Oh wait. Am I just delusional in thinking that I was actually ever interesting and glamorous?

Well... let's see. I've written posts in the past about towels and the time I had a grande mocha but couldn't drink all of it.

I'll let you decide.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tro lo lo lo lo!

Wow - that last post was so depressing and whiny. Sorry about that, peeps!

I had another bad sleep last night. But hey - it's Friday! And I've got a Timmy's coffee in my hand! And I'm meeting up with a friend and her cute little kiddies this afternoon! All is good.

So no more Debbie Downer (or Wendy Whiner) for me. I'm all rainbows and lollipops now. You're going to be so sick of me and my sunny disposition, you'll want to vomit.

(That's always a sign of a good blog, by the way. If it's vomit-inducing, it's most likely going to generate much traffic and perhaps some awesome feedback.)

Anyway - in lieu of a long, blabbering post - and in honour of my new outlook - I leave you with this happy little clip before the weekend.

PS: I'm very, very late to this game. Almost four million people have already discovered this on YouTube.

PPS: I also stole it from the lady at Pregnant Chicken's website. Hey - I have no problem with being unoriginal.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Holy crap, don't you just love reading about me??

I had a crap sleep last night. (File that under "W" for "What else is new").

BUT... I also worked out with my personal trainer yesterday evening. So, I actually prepped myself (unknowingly) for my shitty night.

I still woke up feeling pretty blah today. But I'm bouncing back now. And I bet it would have taken me MUCH longer if I hadn't had my butt whipped by my ass-kicking trainer. Who I love, despite the ass-kicks.

My fingers are crossed that now that I've stopped nursing Anna, and I'm training for a half marathon, and I'm working out with a personal trainer, and I'm taking thyroid medication and I'm trying to make some nutrition changes (goodbye, Arrowroots. We were such good friends. Sniff.)... maybe - just maybe - I can shed some of the leftover baby weight.

Anywho. If it comes off, great. If it doesn't, meh. I'll try harder after baby #2. (Mind you, I feel like I'm trying pretty damn hard, here. It's not like I'm sitting on my arse stuffing my face full of chips whilst complaining about how fat I am).

Whateves. All I ever talk about these days is my lack of sleep and the weight that won't come off. How awesome and fun to read about! (Sarcastic emoticon goes here.)

For the next post, I think I'll brainstorm a list of wonderfully exciting topics that I can discuss and that you'll be just dying to read about. Yeah... that's what I'll do. I've already got a few ideas now...

... what I ate for lunch yesterday
... the way I separate my laundry into like colours before washing them
... the fine art of perfecting the pony tail (when your hair is too dirty to wear down, but you're too lazy to wash it)
... my trip to the grocery store

Yes. I am the most awesome-est, exciting human being that ever walked the face of the earth.

You people are so lucky to know about this blog.