Friday, March 11, 2011

Tro lo lo lo lo!

Wow - that last post was so depressing and whiny. Sorry about that, peeps!

I had another bad sleep last night. But hey - it's Friday! And I've got a Timmy's coffee in my hand! And I'm meeting up with a friend and her cute little kiddies this afternoon! All is good.

So no more Debbie Downer (or Wendy Whiner) for me. I'm all rainbows and lollipops now. You're going to be so sick of me and my sunny disposition, you'll want to vomit.

(That's always a sign of a good blog, by the way. If it's vomit-inducing, it's most likely going to generate much traffic and perhaps some awesome feedback.)

Anyway - in lieu of a long, blabbering post - and in honour of my new outlook - I leave you with this happy little clip before the weekend.

PS: I'm very, very late to this game. Almost four million people have already discovered this on YouTube.

PPS: I also stole it from the lady at Pregnant Chicken's website. Hey - I have no problem with being unoriginal.