Thursday, October 15, 2009


Things that are new with me:
  • I bought a pair of black leather boots yesterday. Hurrah! They have a tiny heel and are scrunchy and cute and fashionable. I feel fabulous wearing them.
  • I was at work from 8:30am until 9:30pm yesterday, so I'm a little bit tired today. But still happy about my boots. (Also - had free sushi for dinner. Double hurrah!)
  • Next week is my wedding anniversary. Hubster and I are going to celebrate by dining out at a fancy Japanese restaurant in Toronto. Ooh-la-la. We're so chic.
  • I've got a Starbucks-and-Spa date with my girlfriend Sarah set up for the end of the month. I can NOT wait. We're going to gab about girly things over lattes, then go get facials. Again with the ooh-la-la, we're so chic.

That is all.

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