Thursday, October 8, 2009

Follow up...

... to yesterday's whiny post:

Last night I slept well. Hurrah! Hubby's nose didn't whistle (yay!)... but he did snore. But that's okay, because he only had to be told to turn over once. Hurrah again! And he gave me a neck massage earlier in the evening for my aches and pains. Woo!

Also, I went to my Learn to Run Running Room clinic and had a wonderful time. I got out in the fresh air and socialized with some very nice people. I also had a nice, 25 minute jog/walk. And then came home feeling fantastic.

So all is well in the world of Hez.


  1. Nothing like a good dose of fresh air to make you sleep.

  2. Glad your sleeping better. And a good neck massage can make one forgive almost anything.