Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crisp and cool

October is here. And suddenly I'm thinking, where have the past few months gone?

I'm not trying to sound overly philosophical. I'm just kind of amazed. It's suddenly fall and time has flown by faster than you can say "turtleneck". Goodbye summer.

So now, dear readers, we must prep for the change in weather. Stock up on your hand cream as the cold weather approaches. Get out the socks, abandon those sandals. But never fear. This doesn't have to seem grim. Think about all the benefits there are to the cooler, crisper season.

What's that? You can't seem to think of any, you say? Let me help you out with this handy little list.

Benefits of the cooler, crisper, fall weather:
  1. Turtlenecks. These lovely inventions cover pretty much every inch of your skin and thus, leave no pale skin or wobbly bits exposed. You're absolutely covered. And can therefore feel much more confident than you do when wearing an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny tank top or the dreaded bikini. (This kind of applies to women only. Men don't seem to care if their wobbly bits are exposed).
  2. An array of knitted sweaters. So comforting. So soft. And again - keep you completely covered. They just make you all warm and fuzzy feeling. Who doesn't love a good knit?
  3. No more dreaded humidity. You no longer have to fear sweating when you enter into the outside atmosphere. Hurrah! Maybe this just applies to me, but with even a tiny hint of humidity in the air, my hair curls into ugly, ugly shapes and I start sweating as soon as the air touches my skin. Not fun. Give me a crisp morn any day.
  4. Pretty colours. Yes, I know it sounds simple... but those reds and yellows and oranges really are gorgeous. They make me happy.
  5. Cuddling. Due to my dislike of heat and humidity, there ain't much cuddling going on in the summer in my world. I'm all "Do. Not. Touch. Me" when it's hot and sticky and gross. But, with a chill in the air, all the more reason to snuggle up to someone and keep warm. Mmm... warm and snuggly.

What's your favourite thing about fall?


  1. the weather.. and, my birthday.. and, the leafs.. that's three things.. haha!

  2. Warm apple pie
    Chris' birthday
    Thanksgiving dinner

  3. apple crisp hits to the top of my list, but also some of my favourite sweaters that make me feel so snuggly warm.