Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I think I should be a hermit.

Sometimes I really, really f'n hate people. Wait... sometimes I really, really hate morning commuters (specifically those that ride the subway). That's more accurate.

My morning commute started off grim. I stood around in the rain waiting for a GO train that was 15 minutes late. So, of course, when it did come, everybody and their mother crammed themselves in like sardines. Which means I spent my morning ride (normally a nice, quiet time for me to read), standing on the stairs, doing a balancing act and trying not to fall into the man in front of me.

So, fine. I made it through that ride. Then I walked down to the subway platform only to find it was also crammed full of people. Which means there was something going on with the subway.
Delightful. At this point, I'm kinda grumpy... but not too bad... trying to roll with it.

Crammed myself on to the subway. Stood and waited for my stop to come up. (Entire subway is still crammed at this point). Thought I would be polite, so let everyone else around me off first. Which means - as I made my way to the doors to exit the subway, I was met with a gigantic crowd of people trying to get on. And, it was at this point that the subway doors started closing. So what did the lovely Torontonians do?

They charged me.

I kid you not. They friggin' charged me! Grown men and women were so afraid of having to wait 1 to 2 mintues for the next subway to come, that they actually, physically tried to run me over. One woman literally took her forearm and shoved me as hard as she could so I would get out of her way. I guess she didn't realize that I was TRYING TO EXIT THE TRAIN and thus, get out of her way.

Seriously. Some people make me fear humanity.

So that was my lovely morning commute. And that's why I'm considering moving far, far away from people. I may find some remote island to buy. Only you, dear reader, are welcome to join me. And that's cause I like your smile.

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