Monday, September 22, 2008

So fab

Monday morning. I'm back from my fabulous weekend, feeling good.

Just call me high-rollin' Hez. Why? Well, that would be because Momsie and I went for a day of pampering at a very "posh" spa. As we sat around in our robes and slippers, waiting our turn to be molded into jelly, we nervously eyed the other spa patrons, wondering if they could tell that we were 'burbs people. We came to the conclusion that they couldn't tell we weren't one of them. And so we gave in to fully enjoy our massages and facials.

Afterwards, we went to Lee Restaurant and had The. Best. Meal. Of. Our. Lives. This is a restaurant for people who love food. Again - very swanky and "Toronto".

And now, I'm feeling very posh and fabulous and swanky. (And quite a bit poorer). But it was so worth it.


  1. Every woman should try to make themselves feel swanky and posh once in a while...even if it does drain the wallet. :-)

  2. More about the restaurant, please. Is this Susur's Lee?

  3. Yes, it's Susur's Lee. And it's FABULOUS! It's got a tasting/sharing menu (kind of like tapas) and all the flavours are so incredible.