Friday, September 12, 2008

Everybody's a writer

Okay, this shit just makes me angry.

Apparently, Lauren Conrad, "star" (I use that term very loosely) of the reality show "The Hills" has recently signed on to write a series of young adult fiction.

And now, My Rant About Why This Is The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard:
  1. Lauren Conrad is a young, 20-something privileged chick who's only claim to fame is being on a reality show that should really be called "Pretty white kids spending Daddy's money". This does NOT make her an excellent candidate to be publishing books.
  2. Qualified, talented writers try for years and years and years to get published, while dealing with little-to-no income because very few authors are rich (unless they become huge, which is hard in the literature world). And suddenly, someone just HANDS a deal to this girl to write not just a book, but a series of books!
  3. Living in "The Hills" has very little to do with reality for young adults, despite the category that her TV show falls into. So - the fact that someone completely out of touch with real young adults is about to write books for them just baffles me.
  4. Writing for youth is acutally even HARDER than just writing for a general audience. Everyone thinks they can do it, but only really talented people actually have the ability to write something relevent to young adults that isn't absolutely riddled with clich├ęs.


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