Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time for a change

Seems like absolutely everybody hates the new Facebook. Which makes me wonder why... Is it because it's really difficult to navigate? Or is it just that people generally fear change?

Over the past year, I've gone through a whole boat load of change at work. And I'll admit, my initial reaction was to freak out. I hated change. It made me paranoid. And I didn't like a shift in my happy little world I had made for myself.

Then I came to realize that with each change, things got better. It wasn't so hard to take. We pulled together at work and not only got through the period of change, we all came out happier. We couldn't believe how much better things actually could be.

I know the new Facebook is a different situation. And I do find it rather annoying, too. But I'm giving change a chance.


  1. you know, i believe there's an option to switch back to the old facebook.. so, no change is necessary! haha! but, i feel the same.. i like stability and normalcy in my life!

  2. I think they've taken the "switch back" option away. The option to switch to the "new" Facebook came up about 8 weeks ago, and I took that - I figured it was easier to be an early adopter of something that was inevitable, rather than deal with it when I was forced to.
    And it took a while - about 3 weeks, before I felt good about using it. But 8 weeks later, I definitely like it - especially for viewing the profiles of people who have WAY TOO MANY applications running.

    It makes everything a little more "professional", at least to my eyes.

  3. damn facebook! ha! add my voice to the growing chorus of complaints :)