Friday, September 5, 2008


My 30th birthday is 5 months away.

I really don't have any strong feelings one way or another about turning 30. But I am pretty damn excited for some kind of a blowout. (Which can be quite problematic, actually.) I tend to build things up (like birthdays) and get all excited only to find out that not many people care as much as I do about me turning another year older. Naturally so.

Anyway - so if it doesn't turn out to be a big blowout, I hopefully won't be let down. I'll probably be too sauced up to remember. Haha. (Kidding, Mom).

Actually, if I were rich, my dream 30th would be to take a bunch of people with me on a trip to Ireland. All my friends. Me. A pub in Ireland. It would be incredible. The culture there pretty much ensures you're going to have a fantastic time. We could be singing Danny Boy at the top of our lungs, drinking REAL Irish beer, talking to the locals. Bliss.

It's fun to daydream.

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  1. How about an Irish pub here in good 'ole Toronto? Make everyone wear green, book a Hez corner. Sounds like the makings of a great 30th.