Monday, September 8, 2008

To the Admirals

I have this group of friends. Whenever I refer to them I call them "the hockey guys and their wives". It sounds very
"Mystery, Alaska" or "Slap Shot" when it's put that simply. You can almost picture a bunch of unshaved, brute men and their puck bunny wives following them around.

It's really not like that. (Even if the boys would like to think so).

On the surface, they are the typical "hockey boys". They make crude jokes. They play hockey and then immediately drink copious amounts of beer afterwards. They like having the girls around, but you can tell they prefer those "just the boys" moments. They still do keg stands at parties - even though many of them are in their 30s.

But then you really get to know them. And you discover that they're just really cool guys. They're loyal friends (many have known each other since they were in high school). They come together and show support when something big is happening in one of their lives. Many of them are brothers. Supportive, caring brothers who are protective and proud of each other.

And on top of that, they're really fun. They like having a good time and don't take themselves too seriously. And even as the group changes and you see less of them - especially the guys that are new fathers - there will always be hockey that brings them together.

So, every once in a while (I don't like to overstay my welcome in "boy time"), I go watch them play. Not because I absolutely love to watch hockey - but because I just like being around them. I like listening to their jokes and catching up with what's going on with them.

To me, those Admirals are pretty amazing. (Unshaven or not).

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  1. thanks hez! and, damn right.. it's a great group of guys who actually give a shit about each other.. and, we win championships (when not hung over.. ha!)