Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just a quick note... let everyone know that I can't get on to any .blogspot sites while I'm at work. That means I can't read some of my favourite blogs, and I can't update my own blog. (Right now I'm at home and only have 2 minutes to quickly type this out between mouthfuls of cereal). 

I'm not quite sure if this is permanent. And I'm also not quite sure I want to bring this up with the IT guy. "Um... yeah. So, I can't waste time doing non-related work stuff on non-related work websites during business hours. What's the deal??"

If it doesn't get changed - my blogs may be quite sporadic. We'll see. Just want to keep you in the loop.



  1. With blogger you can set up an email address to which you can "email" your posts and they will show up in your blog.

    Log into Blogger - go to "settings" then "email" then under "Mail-to-Blogger Address" - just make up an email address (make it hard - numbers and letters - so spammers can't easily get it) and you can just email your blog posts to that address and they will publish on your blog.


    That's how I publish my travelogues when I'm traveling and can only get email.

    Don't tell the IT guys I told you this. They can't block you from sending email.

    I could also show you how you can read your favourite blogs without actually going on blogger....

  2. OMG! Thank you!! Awesome!! :)

    PS: I'd love to know how to read the blogs without going on blogger, too!

  3. Aawww this is so nice. So DVDs are the new flowers- how thoughtful. You definitely went to the right "husband store;" I believe this husband will not get returned soon.

  4. You commented on the wrong blog posting, Kathy!