Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hez goes to Vancouver (again)

I'm off to Vancouver for work again. But, as was the case last time, I probably won't see much of the city. I get there tonight around 7ish, have an all day meeting tomorrow, then head home Saturday morning.

When you travel for business, there's really not a great opportunity to actually see the place you're going to. And, call me a sissy, but I'm not the type that would stay a few extra days and wander around by myself. For those of you that know me, imagine me wandering through Stanley Park all on my own. I would never come out alive.

Anywho - the thing I'm MOST excited about is that the account person I'm going to Van with has a sister-in-law who works at the Four Seasons. And, as such, I managed to get in on the "friends and family rate" at the hotel. I'm totally going to swank it up tonight and tomorrow.

Ah... the life I'll lead for two days. Hanging out with rich folk in the lobby bar... chilling in my terry-cloth robe in my deluxe room... perhpas ordering a little room service.

Pretty sweet for a girl from the 'burbs.


  1. I just returned from an Ottawa trip where I did not stay in a great hotel, I hope this swanky one feels a bit like a spa, pamper yourself. Talk when you return.

  2. Ooh, sounds nice. I want to go too.