Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well this is embarrassing...

Remind me never to ask for audience participation again. It shows me how few people are actually interested in my blog.

Okay, enough with the "woe is me" bit. On to bigger and better things.

My Mom and I have decided to start going to a running clinic again. Even though we're seasoned pros now (yeah right), we're doing the 10k clinic again with the Running Room. I took the summer off and since September have only been running approximately twice a week. And now, I'm all ready to start "training" again.

Wish me luck! In the back of my mind, I have this fear that my leg pains are going to start up again and prevent me from really enjoying my runs. Fingers crossed that this isn't the case.

On a side note (back to the whole "lack of interest" thing), I've actually set up "Google analytics" for my blog, which shows me stats on how many visits my blog gets on specific days, the average time spent on the site, visitor loyalty, etc. So I know that 34 of you readers (from yesterday) have a complete lack of interest in polls. I hope you voted at least!

1 comment:

  1. that's cool you can do that with google... you'll have to show me how.. and, yes, i voted!