Monday, October 20, 2008

Burnt tongues and other things that have happened to me

After the whole mullet-debacle, I spent the weekend eating and drinking in excess.

Now that I'm reading that sentence back, I realize it sounds like being told I had a mullet sent me into a shame-spiral in which the only relief was to drown my sorrows in beer and nacho dip (by the way, thanks Emily... it was deelish!)

Anyway, in reality, the two subjects in that sentence are actually unrelated. I was on the unfortunate end of the mullet debacle - and also - I ate and drank a lot this weekend.

And, as it often happens to me on Mondays, I'm a little grossed out by myself right now. I mean - I woke up with an acid reflux feeling in my throat on Sunday morning. Ew. That ain't right!

As a result, I'm eating only organic cereal, fruit and soup today. And I was so hungry from my "punishment" breakfast this morn, that I could hardly wait for my lunchtime soup to cool before eating it. Hence, the burnt tongue.

I'm such a smart cookie, aren't I? Mmmm... cookie.

Damn it all to heck.

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