Friday, October 3, 2008

It's the Four Seasons kind of life for me

I lead a pretty good life. 

Right now, I'm in an upgraded suite at the Four Seasons in Vancouver. I'm guessing that this is the room that celebrities (or very rich people) stay in when they're in Vancouver. There are 2 (yes, 2) full bathrooms in my suite.

Anyway, so I'm lounging on the couch in my living room (yes, my hotel room has a living room), wearing the fuzzy Four Seasons bathrobe, drinking $30 wine (no, not the usual $8-12 wine I purchase). And I just finished my room service meal, that was wheeled in on a cart with a white tablecloth and fancy silverware. (By an extremely polite gentleman in a white jacket and gloves).

I think I'll flip through the free Vanity Fair magazine, watch some TV, then retire to my king size bed. Seriously. I won't find myself in this situation again, I can imagine. 

Yep, I lead a pretty good life. 


  1. Live it up, see how the other half lives. Have fun.

  2. What a great life you have Mrs. D