Wednesday, October 8, 2008


If you know what the title is in reference to before reading this post, you win! (My respect and admiration).

Last night I went out for dinner with some friends to a great Italian restaurant in the city. The pizza was a-freakin'-mazing. But that's actually beside the point of this blog.

The point (and the reason for the title) is that, as we were dining, I saw Dave Thomas. Of SCTV and Bob and Doug McKenzie fame. My brother and I absolutely loved watching SCTV growing up. So, to see Dave Thomas in the flesh was kind of exciting. And I felt a wave of Canadiana nostalgia wash over me.

Which led me to do a little research. Wikipedia had this to say:

"'The Great White North' (originally known as 'Kanadian Korner') was a panel show that played upon Canadian stereotypes. Bob and Doug, two dumb beer-swilling brothers wearing heavy winter clothing and tuques, would comment on various elements of Canadian life and culture, frequently employing the interjection 'Eh?' and derisively calling each other a 'hoser'."

Ah, Canadian stereotypes... so funny. My favourite tidbit of info that I did not previously know about those hose bags is this:

"The sketch's signature 'koo-roo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo' theme, according to Dave Thomas in an interview on CBC News: The Hour, is based on the flute music used in Canadian television nature vignettes, such as Hinterland Who's Who."

You learn something new every day. Have a good one, my fellow Canadians.


  1. Hear the music again at Hinterland Who's Who website:!

  2. I did love SCTV.. Man, us Canadians are funny.. Can't forget Kids in the Hall :)

  3. Is it possible to get any more Canadian than Hinterland's Who's Who??

    Chris - you're right... Kids in the Hall must not be forgotten either. Oh Canadian comedians, how I love them so.