Friday, August 28, 2009

A segue from seafood to murals

Wow. Yesterday's post could be today's too. Cause..... I'm frickin' starving again. Woo! Second trimester is going to be fun.

Mind you, I plan on fully teaching Hunger a lesson over the next two weeks on my vacation. (Musical interlude a la Simpsons: Oh Margey! You came and you made me a tur-key... On my vacation from work-y!)

Sorry bout that. I'm a bit excited for vacances to start.

Andrew and I are heading out east for all things seafood, gorgeous scenery and east-coast-with-a-hint-of-Irish culture stuff. Should be very fun. And full of food. Did I mention the food?

In other news... When we get back, I think we'll start work on the nursery. We have some leftover yellow paint for the walls. Then a good friend of ours is going to paint a mural on the wall for us.

We've been discussing what we want. The traditional murals are really cute. Like, Winnie the Pooh. Or a nursery rhyme or something. However, being a book nerd (and a HUGE lover of kids books), I thought that maybe this would work.

It's from the book, The Giving Tree. One of my all-time faves. Here's the cover of the book:

So, we wouldn't have the title or author on the mural. But anyway - I love the book. It was so sweet and cute and reminds me of being little. But I'm not 100% sure if this will work on the wall the way I want it to.

It definitely needs some colour. Just haven't figured that all out yet. Either way - if it doesn't end up on the wall, I love the image and I love what it stands for.

Well, that's about it for me.

I probably won't be blogging while we're off on vacation, as I won't have access to a computer. And I highly doubt I'll feel like sitting in an Internet cafe in front of a computer screen on my time off.

After all, it would interfere with the eating.

And Baby Lemon and I just can't have that.

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