Saturday, September 12, 2009

I be back, yo.

Vacances has come and gone for another year, and it was fantastic peeps! Loved. Every. Minute.

Actually, that's not entirely true. There was one evening at a 2-star Best Western that we shall never speak of again. But other than that... it was awesome. The food. The scenery. The quality time with the hubster. So very, very amazing. The east coast trip is one that all Canadians should take.

Anywho, whilst on vacation, hubster and I took time to snap a few more belly pics:

This is me at 15 weeks, at home right before we left for our road trip. Note the tired-looking "pre vacation" eyes. Also, it was 7am. (7am on vacation! That just ain't right.)

And here I am at 16 weeks at the lovely Silver Dart Lodge in little Baddeck, Nova Scotia. Not the greatest pic, but as you can see, I'm getting bigger already.

Which, of course, is attributed all to the baby, and not at all to the vast quantities of lobster, mussels, french fries and other fine foods consumed.

Anyway, since I'm at work today and trying to catch up, I should probably keep this short and sweet.

Happy to be back! Missed you while I was gone! Baby and I say hello! (The new food reference is this: "Baby is now the size of an onion!" Just doesn't have the same ring to it as Baby Lemon. So we'll just have to settle for plain ol' Baby.)

(Of course, you're anything but plain to me, Baby.)


  1. It is great to see Baby getting bigger and Mama getting more and more pleased.

  2. You look great! Glad you had a fun trip.

  3. This pregnancy thing really agrees with you. You look so lovely. I think you're having a boy!

  4. Haha...Baby Onion - love it! You look fantastic Heather.


  5. Thanks guys! I'm feeling great. Of course, these pictures hide the extra "back fat" weight gain that I've acquired over the past few weeks, but let's just pretend that it doesn't exist, shall we? Yes, let's.