Friday, September 25, 2009

Another confession

Friday!!!!!!! Woo it's Fridaayyyyyyyyy!

(I'm excited. Can you tell?)

Not much going on for me this weekend... but I'm happy for the break nonetheless. I got up early today. Got into work bright and early. Got my steaming cup of hot chocolate right here beside me. Ready to tackle the day.

And............. now I'm running out of things to say. So! Another installment of "Confession Friday", coming your way! (You lucky kids).

I confess:
  • I have not yet consumed an alcoholic beverage... but I'm still considering it. (I'm so baaaad!)
  • I try very hard not to play the neurotic pregnant lady role. But I can sometimes see myself leaning in that direction.
  • I won't pick my cat up or snuggle her if I'm wearing black because I don't want her cat hair all over me.
  • The above point makes me think I might be a bad Mom.
  • See point two.
  • I don't mind sushi burps. (After a sushi lunch, when you're all full and stuff and then burp, you can kinda taste sushi all over again.) Disgusting. I know. But also kind of satisfying.
  • I think I might be OCD about the mess/dirt/stuff you can't see on my kitchen counters.
  • My floors, on the otherhand... they nasty. Don't ever come over and eat off of our floors.
  • Oh! This reminds me. I've never cleaned our baseboards in the 4 years I've lived at our house.
  • Nobody is ever going to come over to my house again, are they?

Hmmm. Yep. That's all I'm willing to admit for now. Your turn.

(If you choose not to participate, I understand. Have a good Friday, anyway!)


  1. We have beautiful high wooden baseboards in our house, and when we first moved in I would clean them every week. Now, I can't remember the last time I did. :-P

  2. honestly, your house sounds way cleaner than mine.. but, i did live in a place affectionately known as 'the rat's nest'

  3. We have dog toys all over the house - and the remnants of torn toys all over the house... it's not as cute as it sounds :)