Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The most exciting thing you'll read all day... probably not this post. My apologies in advance. I got you with that title though didn't I?? So cheeky, I am.

Let's see... things that I can talk about today...

First of all, I'm going to completely ignore the whole Kanye debacle because, no. Just ridiculous. And I'm over it. (Also, I like to pretend I'm an original and thusly, I don't stoop so low to discuss celeb gossip that has already been discussed to DEATH by every "gossip columnist" out there).

Secondly, I'm not going to tell you about what I ate for dinner last night (pizza), or my latest beverage obsession (lemonade), because I've done that in the past, and I realized that it's all kinds of DULL. And I just don't want to subject you to that.

I could talk on and on about being pregnant and all the wonders associated with it. But I'm starting to worry that I might be quickly turning into a very one-dimensional person who has nothing but the baby to talk about. ("You gotta see the bay-beeee!!")

While some people may not tire of me droning on and on about my belly and my pregnancy symptoms (Mom), I have a feeling that others may quickly tire of that sort of talk (everyone else).

So... that leaves me with not a heck of a lot. I lead a very fascinating life, friends.

Again, my humble apologies.

Here! Hopefully this will appease you. Everybody loves pictures! Especially cute ones. Therefore, a picture of my friend's adorable red-headed baby:



  1. mini-char is rather cute!

    let's talk about the baby some more :)

    no worries hez! we can talk about the leafs non-stop pretty soon... haha!

  2. Mini-Char - really cute! And no, let's not talk about the Leafs... would really rather talk about the "baby" and pregnancy symptons! Yes, I know I'm your Mom :)

  3. Mini-Charlie is so cute with such an adorable smile. Keep up the baby talk, whatever comes to mind at this special time in your lives. The Leafs will always be here and usually disappointing us, but this new soon to be delight will never disappoint. Keep up the baby stuff.

  4. Keep talking Heather! I love hearing about your pregnancy. It's the miracle of life and I've never found it dull or boring.
    By the way - Go Canucks! :)

  5. I know nothing about the Leafs or the Canucks, but find baby talk absolutley absorbing! Also the food talk and the beverage talk. Hmmmm! Anyway, keep it up my dear We love it all!!!

    Aunt Sharon