Thursday, August 6, 2009

There's a tear in my beer

So You Think You Can Dance makes me cry.

There, I said it.

Last night, when Jeanine did her solo, and then received a standing ovation, I started crying. Andrew laughed at me. I felt silly. But, there you have it. I'm an emotional being.

This reminds me of other times in which I've cried - times that are not traditional "tear-invoking" situations. Here's just a sample:
  • When I went to see The Sound of Music on stage and they sung "Doe a deer". Reason for crying (in my mind, that is)... The music! It's timeless! How can you not tear up at songs that remind you of your youth?
  • A sub point to the Sound of Music crying situation: When the man in front of me hugged his little daughter as Maria came out on stage. Reason for crying... A nice, happy Daddy. Hugging his little, adorable daughter, who was all dressed up in the prettiest little evening dress for the theatre. And they were both all excited for the show. That right there is a recipe for tears.
  • When I really wanted popcorn one evening. I had thought about it all day. I was all set to make it, when I went to my cupboard and found we were OUT OF MICROWAVE POPCORN. Reason for crying... I really wanted that popcorn.
  • When Amazing Race host Phil cried after underdog Charla (who stands at 4 feet tall) came across the finish line. Reason for crying... Phil cried. Come on. Grown man crying. Can't help it.
  • When I hear sappy music montages of any sort during movies. (TV shows and commercials also make the list. But movies - oh my lanta - look out. I will cry you a RIVER, during sappy movie music). Reason for crying... I'm a sap. Sappy music speaks to me.

Sigh. Such a rational lady I am, eh?


  1. I've cried during long distance commercials. (Shakes head in shame.)

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only sap in the world! I provide lots of entertainment for Ben.

  3. Okay, I cry reading letters to Santa in the newspaper!!! Always have, try to control it, Can't!!! I even know they are written by Mommies! Sigh~

    Aunt Sharon