Monday, August 24, 2009

Picture time!

In lieu of actually writing lengthy updates about how Baby Lemon (new fruit reference) and I are doing, it's time for some pics, folks! (PS: All pics are clickable, for a closer look!)

Here I am at 14 weeks. Mind you, this is right after a hearty breakfast, so my belly is slightly larger than normal. Or, that's what I'm telling myself anyway. Let me live in my dreamworld, dammit!!

Andrew and I thought it would be all super-cute and "first-time-parents" of us to take belly shots every Saturday morning to keep track of our growing baby. Of course, what you don't see behind this picture is the 10-minute bicker-fest we had about where and how I should stand, what kind of lighting we needed, how close he should zoom in and so on. Ah, such love.

And here is my first-ever baby gift! Yay! Baby Lemon received these 3 absolutely adorable onesies from Grandma and Grandpa a few weeks ago. Too cute for words. Grandma has also offered to purchase a glider/rocking chair for the nursery. So generous, me Ma is.

These cute little tiny baby outfits were given to me by my friend Kim. Her boys wore these days-of-the-week onesies, but are now too big for them. She tried not to sob too much as she passed them on to me.

A closer look...

CUTE! That's all I have to say about them.

I can't imagine having a teensy, tiny little baby that fits into these mini outfits.

But I will. And he or she will be well-dressed from Monday to Sunday.

Here's a pic of my handsome hubby. Just cause.

In summation, I'm getting more and more excited for Baby Lemon. Can't wait to have a little squishy baby to hold and dress up and love and hug and all that yummy stuff.


  1. Looking great mama!


  2. Congratulations Heather and Andrew!!! How is it that you are so grown up when I'm sure I haven't aged at all?????

    What a great blog you have Heather. I have bookmarked it already and look forward to reading through it and staying in touch.

    You both look fabulous! Keep those pictures coming.

    Tracy (Josh and Bryan too!)

  3. TRACY!!! Thanks so much for reading my blog and commenting! It's so good to hear from you! I'll keep the pics coming as I grow bigger and bigger! Although - this Saturday, I'm leaving for my 2-week vacation... so the pics will be a bit delayed.

    Anyway - great to hear from you again. Hope you and the boys are doing great!


  4. PS: Thanks AW (I'm not sure who you are... but I really appreciate your comment!) :)

  5. The pictures week by week are great. I look forward to seeing you and baby getting bigger. This is such a fun time for you and Andrew.

    Kathy Dixon

  6. You look awesome!!! Awe, baby things, so cute.