Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just ate lunch. Still hungry. Welcome, 2nd trimester.

And... make yourself at home.

I realize I've always had a bit of a love affair with food, but um... yeah. I am hungry. Like, capital H, Hungry. All. Of. The. Time.

For lunch today I gobbled down a lovely pad thai with lemongrass shrimp, courtesy of Ginger, in the bustling Yonge and Bloor area where I work. And I am now sitting at my desk feeling as if I haven't eaten all day.

Mind you, I did only have a plum as my morning snack. (On Monday, I had an entire bagel, an apple with peanut butter and a hearty helping of cottage cheese as my morning snack. Can you say "lack of portion control"??)

Anyway. Since all I can seem to focus on is food, and since many of you have requested the pictures to keep coming, I now present you with this: A picture of my dinner preparations from Sunday evening.

You've got your mushrooms. You've got your spinach. You've got your red, yellow and orange peppers for colour. Add some philly light cream cheese and a half a cup of skim milk... and voila! Almost all the ingredients needed for a very delicious and healthy pasta primavera!

Mmmm... drooling over the thought of pasta. Love my carbs. LURVE them.

Anyway. On to other things.

Like, my midwife appointment this morning. I met with my midwife, chatted about my family health history, got weighed (I've gained 10 pounds already! EEK!!!!!) (PS: I'm sure this has no relation whatsoever to my not-so-new found love of food) and heard my baby's heartbeat. That was beyond amazing.

Oh, and almost equally amazing, when my midwife was prodding my tummy in search of my uterus, this conversation actually, really, truly occurred:

Midwife: "Do you work out?"
Me: "Uh... yeah. I would say yeah." (I wasn't sure if yoga and walking is considered "working out").
Midwife: "Yeah. You have excellent abdominal muscle tone."
Me: (blink, blink) "........................" (In stunned silence). "Thanks!!"

So, not only did I hear my little Baby Lemon's heartbeat, but I was also told that my tummy is muscular. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Not a bad start to the day.


  1. Hahaha - not a bad start at all! The cut up veggies look SO good!

    I'm going to miss you for the next 2 weeks!

  2. It looks like baby lemon is being fed well; but steady hunger is the name of the game. Good news about the muscle tone--good work Hez. I will miss you both over the next two weeks. Have a great time!! Kathy - another grandmother to baby lemon