Friday, August 21, 2009

My love affair with Snoogle

Sleep is a wonderful thing, no?

I’ve always loved it. Actually – that’s not entirely true. When I was a little kid, I didn’t recognize sleep for all its many qualities and benefits. But ever since I hit university (a period of time that I look back on and remember great exhaustion), sleep became a dear, dear friend of mine.

So, when I started having trouble with it recently due to lower back pain, I became a little concerned. Was sleep abandoning me? Did sleep think I was too needy? Should I give sleep some room?

Anyway. I decided that sleep had no choice when it came to our relationship. I wanted it. I needed it. And I would have it.

Enter the Snoogle.

I had heard about Snoogle (a body pillow made for pregnant women to stabilize their hips and back and help them sleep) from a few people. So I thought I’d go check it out.

Andrew and I happened to be out for dinner and not too far from a Babies R Us, so we dropped in on our way back home.

I asked the lady working there for the “Snoogie” I had heard so much about. She tried to hide her smile, and directed me to the Snoogles at the front of the store.

And thus began a beautiful friendship.

Snoogle and I have been cohabitating in my bed for the past few nights. And as such, I’ve felt comforted, supported, protected and rested.

I’m happy to report that Snoogle has successfully brought sleep and I back together again. We’ve reestablished our relationship and things are moving along fantastically.

All’s well that ends well.

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