Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Road trip

Andrew and I are leaving for our East Coast Road Trip Adventure in 3 days.

In preparation, we've got a road map (all nicely highlighted by the folks at CAA), a trip tic (or however it's spelled) with detailed maps, a handy-dandy new tripod for our camera and a general idea of where we want to go.

What we don't have is any clothes to wear. I have to do a few giant loads of laundry Thursday night so we can pack everything Friday, as Andrew wants to set out at 7am Saturday morning. (Road trips = painful amounts of driving and no fun, according to Andrew).

Teasing. But - we do want to get to Quebec City on Day 1, which is about 9-10 hours away.

Anyway, so now that it's only 3 days away, that's pretty much all I can focus on. Vacationvacationvacationvacation.

Of course, I do have a midwife appointment tomorrow morning that I'm pretty excited about. Midwifeappointmentmidwifeappointment. (Hmmm... doesn't have quite the same excited flavour to it as 2 weeks of eating, sleeping, seeing beautiful sights and spending time with Andrew does).

Sorry baby Lemon.

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  1. Drive safe, Heather. Can you please update while you're away? I might go through blog withdrawal.