Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Demi Moore, I ain't.

It's almost time to start taking the weekly belly/bump photos, I think.
My belly? It's gettin' bigger, yo.
I've been holding off on this for a little while because, really, the thought of taking a picture of my stomach makes me shudder.

And while all the tanned, cute, tiny pregnant ladies out there take the 6-week/7-week/8-week shots of their perfectly flat little tummy (and then say things like "OMG! I'm so bloated!" or "Baby is growing... I won't be a size 2 much longer!"), I had ZERO desire to take a picture of my fish-belly white, sticky-out pooch of a stomach for all to see.

I've never, ever had a flat tummy. Which is why I'm not quite sure if I'm looking pregnant yet, or if I've just eaten too many cookies. However - it's starting to become clearer that the stomach is growing, and (thankfully!) my other chub areas are not. (The thighs are still looking pretty good. PHEW!)

Hence, the need to document my growing belly for my little Baby Lime to look back on one day and see his or herself growing. (Or, Baby Lime will roll his or her eyes at me and utter "Mooooooom!!" in an exasperated tone as I try wrestling him or her into my lap to cuddle whilst I go on and on about what they were doing inside Mommy's tummy for 9 months.) I can already tell I'm going to annoy the pants off Baby Lime with my mush. (MWA HA HA HA HA!)

Anyway. Perhaps I'll start documenting next week. And I'll post here for all to see. Of course, I'm not doing any of those bare-belly shots either. Clothing will be on. There's some weirdos on the Internet, people.

You know who you are.

No, no... not you. That other person. The weird one. Yeah... that one. You? You're normal and lovely. You can see my belly.

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