Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simply amazing

Oh my goodness, it's REAL!

This baby thing? It's actually real.

I've known all along that I'm pregnant. I've known that the baby changes in size, week by week. I've known that I will be a Mom at the end of these 9 months.

But for some reason? It didn't seem really, truly real until this morning. When I had my first ultrasound.

It. Was. Amazing. I saw the baby opening and closing its little mouth. He/She was swallowing. Baby Lime (that's the new fruit association, btw) was bouncing around every time my belly was prodded. Andrew and I saw his/her little legs crossed. And suddenly, I realized that I have an actual human being inside me.

So bizarre.

I'm 12 weeks now and managed to see so much. I can't WAIT for my next and final ultrasound at 20 weeks when we get to see so much more.

Anyway, after the ultrasound, Andrew and I left the room and waited for my name to be called so I could give some blood. When I went to give blood, Andrew went to go wait in the car. So, I sat down, had my blood taken, left and walked through the waiting room with a big smile on my face... and then - as soon as I got out to the parking lot - I started crying.

(And I'm pretty sure I saw a bit of dampness in Andrew's eyes as he hugged me, too. So cute.)

I'm just so amazed by it all. This is real. I'm going to be a Mommy. I have a human being that's relying on me.

My goodness, this is fascinating.


  1. And now I'm crying too. I am so happy for you and Andrew (and of course both sets of grandparents too).

    Aunt Gerry

  2. Aww Heather. That was a great post! Congrats again to you both. And enjoy every minute of being pregnant!

  3. It must be so cool to see your baby in utero - moving around and doing such human things! Good for you guys - you really are a Mom & Dad now!