Tuesday, November 27, 2007

These are the Days of our Lives

So today is another day. It seems my mind is still in vacation mode, because I woke up several times last night VERY confused as to what day it was exactly. While I was in the shower, shaking out the mental cobwebs, I had to seriously think hard about what day it is today.

At first, I was sure it was Friday. It's not. Boo. However, I was incredibly stressed because I was thinking about the doctor appointment I have to go to on Friday morning to get blood taken, which means I have to fast the night before after 7pm. (And I didn't last night. Mmm... food).

Anyway, then I thought to myself (at 4am, mind you) "Oh phew... I'm safe. It's only Thursday today." And happily went back to sleep.

Ah well. I now realize that it's Tuesday today (or so they tell me on Breakfast Television this morning). Not my favourite day of the week... but hey - I'm still coming out of my happy-go-lucky vacation mood. So, happy Tuesday everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha - I enjoyed this blog! Confusion as to what day it is... don't you just love vacation and the aftermath??