Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Damn soccer players

Did you know that the general public has a dislike for runners? This was unknown to me until recently.

On Halloween night, my running group had a scheduled run. So, my Mom and I went out for it - only to be met by yells of "Run faster!" and "F'n runners!!" That's right - as we jogged along, minding our own business, someone swore at us.

When we were out one Sunday morning for our run, we were met by honks and people actually imitating us in an attempt to make fun.

Now, I know running isn't for everyone... but this reaction seems pretty pathetic to me. It's like people are actually annoyed with us for wanting to get a little exercise into our day. Like - how dare we do something that has no actual affect on the people around us - but makes us feel good both physically and mentally?

I wonder what the reaction would be if I went into a gym and started hooting and hollering at the gym-goers while in the middle of their workout?

You know - I don't particularly like soccer. What would happen if I stood on the sidelines of a soccer field making fun of the players? I would probably look ridiculous. (Hint, hint to the people who don't like runners).

Just so we're all clear - if you don't like running, that's totally fine. But some people do. And as long as I'm not running all over you, I don't think there's any cause for insult.

That's just my two cents, I'll get down off of my soap box now.


  1. the world is filled with assholes and people that will try to tear you down to build themselves up.. next time, make fun of them for being a fatty..

  2. Well said Heather! Their reaction kind of surprised me too... before we started running, I would see runners and not have any thought - negative or positive. Not sure why seeing people run elicits such a negative response except that it reminds them that they probably should take care of themselves??