Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I was looking back at a few old posts (yes, I have completely run out of good blogging topics and therefore must resort to reading old posts to get ideas. It's like the sitcom clip show of blogs here, folks.)

Anyway, so here's a little update on some of the things I've written in the past.

This would be the nice long post where I convince myself that I'm going to let our cleaning lady go and start doing all the serious house work myself. UPDATE: The cleaning lady is at our house right now, as I type this. Still doing her half-assed job, taking our money and chuckling to herself all the way to the bank. I have such strong convictions.

This one here is the post in which I discuss the atrocity that is the Twilight series of books. I mention how bad the books are! How I refuse to get in line with the rest of the world and enjoy the stories! How they are vile and evil and not teaching young women anything worthwhile! UPDATE: I'm currently on page 523 of the last book in the series. (In my defense, I was talked into reading it once again... AND I had already invested time into the 3 previous books, I might as well just figure out how it all ends).
UPDATE: It's bad. So very bad.

Finally, this one is the blog about towels and this one is the blog about someone stealing my milk. UPDATE: No real update here. Just kind of can't believe I wrote 2 whole separate blog entries about towels and milk. And I can't believe that people read them. SUCKAHS!!!

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  1. My cleaning lady has been doing a half-assed job too. Sadly, she's me. :-)