Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flaunt it if you've got it. (Except after age 30).

I'm really and truly honestly all about women being proud of their bodies. No matter what size, what type of figure you've got or what age you are - I say: be proud, ladies! We're all different. It's what makes the world an interesting place.

Now. That being said, I feel I can carry on with my daily rant.

Yes. Loving your body is wonderful. But you know what else is wonderful? Age-appropriate clothing.

I discovered the need to express this thought while leaving my local grocery store last night. I was walking out to the car, when I saw the back of a very thin, older woman. I would guess she was in her late 60s. (However, you could tell by her skin and her hair that she was a smoker and might actually have been younger than that. Needless to say - she looked old.)

And I probably wouldn't even have noticed her white top and light denim jeans - if it hadn't been for the giant gap between where the top ended and the jeans started.

That's right. She was sporting a belly top. And below that belly top, in that no man's land, my eyes were met with one of THE most wrinkly bare backs I have ever seen. And, as I said, this lady was thin. So it wasn't fat rolls she was sporting. It was old rolls.

Oh, and also? She was so tanned (not nice tan, more like George Hamilton tan), which I'm sure contributed to the array of wrinkles stretching across her back. And somehow, SOMEHOW, she thought that a belly top would be the appropriate thing for her to wear to the grocery store when she got dressed that day.

Ladies, ladies, ladies... at some point in our lives, we have to realize that even though we love our bodies and think of ourselves as sexy, clothing that's meant for eighteen year-olds (or strippers) does NOT look good on us anymore.

Once you're over 30, the tube tops and the belly tops and the shortie shorts just don't you any justice. Seriously. I'm not being mean here. I'm just being honest.

Think about it. Do you want to be sporting a tanned, wrinkly smoker's back when you're in your 60s just because you "can" (because you're thin enough)? Or do you want to wear something that flatters your thin body?

Anyway. That's my daily rant. Agree or disagree with me... I leave that up to you. But you must promise me this: if you EVER see me wearing something that makes you think I'm desperately trying to recapture my youth (or something that screams COUGAR ALERT!!!), please, please, please tell me to go home and change immediately.

My goodness - where were Wrinkly Back Lady's friends in her time of need?


  1. well I guess I'd better go through my closet and throw out my favourite clothes.... :<)

    Aunt Gerry