Monday, July 6, 2009

I stayed in bed all day. What did you do?

The weekend? She was gorgeous, friends.

Sun was shining. There was a nice, light breeze. It wasn't 400 degrees, feeling like 500 with the humidity. T'was perfect!

Of course, I only got to take full advantage of Saturday, as much of my Sunday was spent in bed. Saturday night we went to a friend's wedding and got home and into bed at 2am. Not usually the end of the world for me. However, for some reason, it COMPLETELY knocked me out this time around.

I got up at 9am Sunday morning. Had a little cereal. Watched a little TV. Then realized that I had to drag my ass back to bed at 11am or I was going to perish from exhaustion right then and there.

So from about 11am until 1pm, I slept. After that, I woke up and spent from around 1pm until 4pm in bed reading.

I had a full-on relaxing, vegging, lazing about day.

And even though it was beautiful out? I enjoyed every second of my bed.

Ah, Sundays. How I love them so.

Arwen the cat says: "Stop yer yappin'. I'm sleepin' over here."


  1. like owner, like cat.. you both enjoy lounging! ha!

  2. Welcome to your thirties. Recovery is not as easy as it used to be. :-P

  3. Awww Arwen, how cute is Arwen!!