Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday night in the park

Friday night, hubster and I decided to go for dinner and a movie - with a little twist. After a yummy dinner of a philly cheese steak sandwich and suicide chicken wings (this is not the twist part), we headed out to a "Movie in the Park". (That would be the twist).

The local rotary club in the little village-like area where we live sets up a giant, inflatable movie screen every Friday night in the summer and shows a cute, family-fun movie. Of course, being kid-like ourselves, Andrew and I love those kind of flicks. And this past Friday, they were showing Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. (Which we hadn't seen yet! Woo!)

So, off we went - with our lawn chairs, a blanket and bags full of chocolate treats to snack on during the film.

When we arrived, we quickly discovered that we were the only couple under the age of 80 who wasn't there with at least one child in tow.

Yes. There were eight ga-gillion little kids running around with their parents sitting close by. There were a few grey-haired couples who appeared to have come by themselves. And then there was Andrew and I.

In our early 30s. No kids with us. Snacks and lawn chairs and a blanket to cozy up under. All bright and cheerful in anticipation of a FREE movie outside on a summer evening.

As we sat there taking inventory of the different types of pj's the kids were running around in (princess, Cars, racing pj's), we couldn't help but not care at all that we were the odd couple out.

The fact is, we were out. In the fresh air. Having a great time together on a weekend summer evening. And whether you've got a bunch of kids you're trying to keep your eye on, or you're 80 or 30 years-old, that's a pretty sweet thing.

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