Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is this thing on?

Testing... testing... Does my blog still work?

I know it hasn't exactly been "exciting" lately... but I seem to have lost even my regular commenters. Come back, regulars! Have I lost you forever? Have I bored you into hiding??

My apologies if this is true. And, if anybody is still reading - thank you! I will repay you for your patronage by writing a post about Splash Pads today.

Okay - really. Have you ever been to a Splash Pad? Do you know what a Splash Pad is? If not, let me fill you in on the absolute and utter awesomeness that is: The Splash Pad.

Last weekend, Andrew and I met up with our best friends Kim and Charlie to go to a park with their 3 year-old and 3 month old sons. (This was mostly for the benefit of the 3 year-old. The 3 month old showed his excitement by sleeping through it all).

Anyway. So they took us to a place that they've frequented many, many times over the summer. Kim had mentioned the Splash Pad to me before. I assumed we'd go to the park and off to one side on the lawn would be a few sprinklers that kids could run through.


This thing was THE coolest free park attraction I had seen since in a looong time. I was instantly jealous that there was nothing this fascinating around when I was a kid.

There were fountains! And spray gun type things! And a big barrel of water that came splashing down on you if you stood underneath! There was different sections and areas! And a jaunty castle motif! I was entranced.

Of course, I left the running around and squealing up to Liam (the 3 year-old). I thought that if people saw a 30 year-old prancing gaily through the water, it might freak them out.

But man, was this thing cool.

And to think - when I was a kid, the most exciting water toy was a thin sheet of plastic that was hooked up to a hose.

Launching yourself down the front lawn had absolutely nothing on the Splash Pad.

It really wasn't as cool as this kid makes it out to be.


  1. Hi Petal. Want you to know I'm still reading!

    Ran into our mutual pal, DM, in Bloor West yesterday.

    Hearts and flowers. I love a good splash pad.

  2. I read your blog every day I never miss it! And I know what you mean by the splash pad The kids really love going to them. I can hardly wait to read you regarding your trip to the East coat It is a great experience

  3. Of course, I'm still reading your blog. :-) I remember Ontario Place having a really good splash pad when we were kids.

  4. Still reading daily :)

  5. me too Heather. As a matter of fact - I'm really disappointed when I come to this site and you haven't posted anything : )

    Aunt Gerry