Thursday, July 2, 2009

What day is it again?

Happy (belated) Canada Day all!

Having a Wednesday off completely threw my schedule for a loop... I was certain it was Sunday all day yesterday. So, it's pretty nice coming back to work on what feels like a Monday, to realize I only have to make it through two more days before enjoying the weekend again.


This weekend's festivities: yet another wedding. I think almost all of our friends are married off now. Honestly... Andrew and I are going to be po' after this summer is over with all the weddings we're attending.

And for this one, Andrew's actually in this wedding. His boyfriend is getting married. (His hetero life partner, as I also like to refer to him). (Man friends. They're odd creatures at times.) Which means, in addition to the fun and merriment of weddings in general, I get the added pleasure of ogling the hubster, all done up nice in his sexy duds. Mmmm... hubster.

Anyway, so only 2 days to go. Then another wedding. Will be getting much sleep on Sunday hopefully. And many other lovely things associated with weekends.


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