Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Really? Like... really???

My morning started off okay today.

Then I got into work and discovered that someone stole my milk.

Here's the thing. Yesterday, I brought a small jar of milk into work - just enough for 2 days' worth of my homemade lattes. I'm trying to save money so I've started making my own lattes with instant coffee and a milk frother. (Love it.)

So anyway, that's why I bring it in. But rather than lug a jar of milk back and forth every day, I bring one in that will last for a few days.

And while I was commuting in this morning, I was thinking all along about how nice it'll be to get into work and make a hot, steaming, delicious latte to enjoy while I check my emails and ease into the day.

Imagine my chagrin when I opened the fridge and found a teeny, tiny amount of milk left in the bottom of my jar.

Just enough to tease me.

Now - I know it's just milk. But the thing that bugs me the most is that someone I work with, someone who is gainfully employed and making money, is stealing my stuff. Not even just asking to borrow a little milk... But actually stealing almost all of it - and leaving a tiny bit at the bottom to make it look like they didn't take it all.

Really?? This - from adults??

I'm going to have to resort to hiding my food in the company fridge. How sad.

Person who stole my milk today? You = FAIL in the good coworker department. Epic fail.


  1. I would be SO pissed off. That happened at the last place I worked - it got to the point where one woman had to put notes ALL over her milk saying "This is MINE! Don't TOUCH!" I can't believe this is the behaviour of adults. I say, fill your bottle with something like Elmer's Glue or something that looks like milk but tastes terrible (but won't kill them or anything). They'll NEVER touch your shit again!

  2. One place where I worked, someone also stole a guy's milk. He sent out a message that read: "Someone drank the milk in my fridge that contained my medicine." No one ever drank his milk again.

    True story.

  3. oh hungry? care for a tolberone?