Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mama needs a new kitchen

Our kitchen is being redone this week.

I'm completely and utterly excited for the new cabinets and countertop (sigh... so old. So very, very old). And yet, at the same time - I'm SOOO not looking forward to having no kitchen for a week.

Last night, hubster and I emptied out every single cupboard and drawer and placed everything onto our dining room table, our hutch/cabinet thingy, on the floor and on the kitchen table (which is now sitting in our living room).

Needless to say - the place is a mess. And I might go crazy before the week is up.

However, as we were washing up after dinner last night, hubby said to me "This may be the last time we do dishes by hand. Ever. Again."

That thought alone? Yeah... it's enough to get me through this week.

1 comment:

  1. That's very exciting. Hopefully, the new kitchen won't take too long. :-) Dishwashers are the best. If all my appliances died at the same time, the dishwasher would be the first one I replaced.